Pussymon: Vignette 33

    What's up guys, here's the Pussymon Episode 33. With this vignette, we celebrate 3 years of Pussymon Project, and first of all, I want to thanks to everyone who's supporting me in this significant project, there's still much more to come. In this vignette, I'm bringing 8 new Pussymon, 26 new animations, a new sidequest with new scenes with Joan and over than 200 lines of text/story. This one was supposed to be thicker, but I had some problems with my computer and lost a half of what has already done, so I wasn't able to add as much content I was planning at first, however everything is now motionless and Episode 34 already have a much thicker story, new Pussymon and also new mechanics available. New additions - 8 new Pussymon. - 26 new animations with many variations. - 9 new main quests. - A new side quest. - New scenes with Joan Jakdaw. - Over than 200 lines of text/story. Thanks to everyone who's supporting me in this significant project, there's much more to come next month. Let me know if you find some error or bug, so I can fix it. See you later.
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Fantasy Job Season 2: Vignette Ten

The sage of finding the job of your cravings continues - it is time for gig 10 of second season! In the last gig Sam (one sexy blonde) told you tha the police called about some credit fraud. You even had a chat with inspector Baldwin (one sexy red-haired ). There were some suspects and confessions made - to know mor eof them you should definitely play the prior sequences (or just read the introduction very carefully). But the story has not ended yet - you still has to deal with some things... and some other sexy nymphs! The game uses a great deal of real flicks with real erotic models - they made from first person pov so you will be sensing yourself a most important hero pretty easy. And main hero always gets the best fun with best nymphs that he meets in the game!

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Urban Survivor

Flash game tells about a hard life on city streets. There are both sex and violence and shooting and drugs. The major character of the game is huge-chested blonde Charlie. She has no money, but she has a gorgeous sexy figure and big tits. You have to help Charlie survive in the city streets. To do this, use the options for the development of game events by selecting one of the three options. Obviously, Charlie will solve all the problems that arise through sexual contact. You're able to see how she fucks like a professional porn star. Additionally, the game has interesting characters in which you will learn the characters of some movies and TV series. Enjoy filthy life on the street right now.

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Dancing Queen: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity - Satuki 1

Found some series of Dancing Queen. Don't know what's the original name of this game, but I see some additional name "East two-precipitation system" Episode 1. So Enjoy this first part as few guys do their dirty tricks.

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Intercourse Kitten Hell

Another gig of Slutty MsSlut's adventures. Or more precisely - your adventures as her Kind of a boyfriend. If you played former games then you won't be surprised much when you will find out that being her boyfriend wil eventually end up in a journey to hell (or something like it - to know the truth you will have to live till the end of the jorney... and not the"game over" one of course). And again - if you played former vignettes - you will know what you will need to do. Explore different locations, meet crazy characters, answer their questions or take quests from them or even fight them if you have to - all to keep your health... and gather some money, magic goods, usefull items and lots and lots of hentai pictures of course! Don't forget to visit developer's swebsite for more sex-positive adventures!

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