Sim Girl Part 1

    In this game you will receive pretty clear aim to achieve - yo might have to get put with woman before the time limit of 100 days will run out! Of course you won't receive the woman on the very first day. Neither you will get her on second day. Or maybe the third. To get this anime beauty you will have to make some efforts. Even after you will pick the character and get some basic stats you still will have to train him. You will need to carry out different activity like training to secure more experince. You will have to work and earn currency to acquire useful items. In other words - you will have to earn even the right to talk to her very first! This game is dating simulator but some of you might even believe that it is stiffer than in real life! Well, may be it is but in the event that you'll hammer this game then you certainly won't have troubles in real world!
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