Voodoo Fuckpole

    Today's joke can remind you once again - playing with magic is not gont fetch you anything good in result. Especially if this magic is Voodoo! But in case in the event that you still don't believe us then check this animted story called"The Voodoo Penis". So this story embarks at Jamal's House of weird shot. And yet one dude dare not only to inject this supermarket but even wants to buy something. And Jamal pretty quick finds something for him - a enormous old box with... voodoo manhood inside! Just say few magic words and make it work... So the customer buys it after all and fate brings him a surprise fairly sooon - on his way home he is stopped by some grumpy policeman. What will happen next? Oh, you might want to see it yourself. For more both hilarious and sexy animation only visit our website.
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Smash Town: Seductive RPG 2

When you have played games from"Fuck Town" series before then you might believe that it is rather easy to entice hot ladies. Nevertheless, it was opnly because the character you have played for was already having aperfect stats enough to entice the dame he dreamed. But what about the game where youw ill have to develop your character almost from a scratch? That's right - tonight you are going to to test your skills at total scale dating-RPG! Because there is a city there will be few differnet ladies that you can try your chance swith. But all these ladies are different and they like different types of guys. So your task will be not only to find out what they want to see in the boy with whom they would love to fuck with but also to develop those characteristics in your personality.

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Robo Sex Lab

Far future. 3012 year. Land. Underground laboratory that is robotic. AI is trying to create a clone of the earthly woman. This requires genetic material. Therefore, research is rigorously classified. Nonetheless, in this game you control the AI. Use manipulators, scientific prowess, as well as not so much romp robots to conduct an experiment on cloning. Be very careful, see the indicators on the game screen. Nevertheless, delivering sexual pleasure to a lady is one of the sections of a cloning application. What do you do in this situation, you need to decide for yourself. Start your genetic cloning application at the moment.

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Business Tour Venture

In this game you will be send to a business journey. Which promises to be a rather arousing in line with the title of the game. The game begisn at your office when the telephone rings and you determine that you have to go on a business journey. And that your assistant is going to satisfy your at teh airport. Even in the event that you wrer not planning to go anywhere briefly after witnessing her photo you slightly gonna say no! And even in the event that you do you will not have a choice alternatives such early in teh game. But youw ill do afterwards when you will meet your assistant and few other girls with whom you are supposed to get the job done. Only this game is about anime porn and temptation so decide which one of them you want to fuck very first and work in that direction! Some says that you can fuck more than one damsel but you can find out is it true or not only in the Event That You will play this game yourself

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"Anno" is one more fine animated venture (mostly focused on oen character getting fucked by another character) brought to you by Silestaur. This time you will meet some alien chick named Anno who can be easily described as hairy nymph with cats ears and big tail. And is it wa spromised you will see her being fucked by... actually by what kind of dick she will be romped tonight is totally your decision! The player can choose between three very different types of spunk-pumps that Anno is going to serve with her amazing backside tonight. Also you can choose the skin tone of Anno's fuckfest colleague at any moment of the game which increases the varaiability even more. Some text and dialog windows will show up from time to time so you would not forget that there is soemthing else in Anno's life besides large fuck-stick up her butthole.

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