Beach Nymph

    This game will give you a chance to spend a day off at the sunny beach with hot dark haired chick. Game is made from very first person perspective and your purpose is to tempt this gal into having fuckfest on this shore. How will you do so? By employing such devices as"caressing" and"taking". Just choose the act and find the active spot on this hotty's assets where you can use it! Don't try to fuck her right from the beginning - she is not some normal hoe which you've seen in several other games! Use some lotion from her beach bag and fondle into all the important places very first. If score count goes up then you doing everything right, I fit becomes red and goes down then you are doing something that you are not designed to do... at least at this stage of your relationship. Find the way to tempt her and to take off her swimsuit swimsuit and don't forget to assess what else she has in her bag...
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