Sanguine Rose [v Alpha 1.0.2]

    This next game is pure visual novel genre match. Which means you should be well-prepped for awesome artworks and lots (and lots) of text dialogs. And ofocurse at some essential points of the story you will be allowed to make a choice and decide where the story will be going further. From the game you will witness the story of Carmen Valentine. For some reasons she was seized by the set of mercenaries (since this is fantasy there will be not only humans among them) and now keeping her at some tavern's basement whilst trying to discover their next budge. Is there any nicer chance to plan an run away? Of course after you will conclude the game you will unlock few hot manga porn pictures that will be available through gallery. Or you may try to play game one more time with changing your choices and try to get another ending!
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  • Added: 2018-07-25
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