Hot puzzle 2

    This game is pretty simple - if you ahve ever put together a puzzle then you already know the rules. You will get a bunch of square elements (not jigsaw elements - for some it may be a big minus but for beginners it will do just fine). Also you willget the playing field which is also marked with square elements. Your task now is to put all of the elements on their proper places. Don't think it will be too hard - every time you will put element in right spot it will stay there till the end of puzzle solving. Puzzle picture is actually the face of really hot european erotic model. She is blond and she has nice tits so if you want to see full picture of her posing absolutely nude then just solve the puzzle - and you will see it! For more erotic puzzle games just check our website.
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Anime porn Puzzle Manga

Don't get confused by these ieroglyohs on teh main menu screen - this game is pure hantai puzzle game. Even if you have played these games before you should try this one anyway - it is made to be harder than others from same genre. First of all you will have to place pieces on their right place like in real puzzle - no swapping or sliding. Put the pice in the worng place and you might never finish the puzzle! Second there will be more pieces than usual. Some of them may be turned upside dwon - double click on the piece to turn it. Also pay attention to the fact that the picture is animated - it may be just as useful as it will be hard. And one more thing - you will have the limited amount of time to put together the picture. Well, after all that will be able to solve at least one puzzle?

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Angelina and Brad

This time our heroes are Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They are spending holidays in the Caribbean islands. And of course in such a place there's always something that makes you horny. Your task is to help Brad to fuck Angelina.

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American Mydol

Wow, can't they make a pill for pms that actually works? Why do we men have to put up with womens "bitching and moaning"? Well in this episode, we put more "moan" in these "bitches" and flip that old saying on it's ass! The Mydol judges make sure that our Charlie sings into a different kind of microphone!

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Katies diaries Ep. 2

Katie decided not to sit at home alone but meat new guys. At work she met one sexy blond guy and she liked him. So she offered him to come to her place and he agreed. He came and they had sex and in the middle of the actin Chewy bited him into the but and condom broke.

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