Nurse for a Fresh Year

    It is time to prepare for celebration of a New year however someohow you got yourself ended up at the hospital. So what will happen next? Is the celebrations is ruined for this year... or may be this is going to most memorable New Year night on your lifetime? Play the game and find out! Right from the embark you will discover that you are being cared of by the most sexy nurse that this hospital ever had (peculiarly if non of them are shown). So now it is up to your pickup skills to earn this hotty interested in you not only as one of her patienst but also as her only option to make this New Yar night more than another one routin night shift. Sooner or late ryou will discover the proper words as well as the serie sof manga porn minigames will begin! Overall it is a ordinary manga porn game for all who luvs sexy anime dolls in nurse uniform!
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  • Added: 2018-06-13

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